M.Sc. in Yoga & Naturopathy
Experience of teaching personalized yoga for more than 20000 hours.
"Healthy body leads to a healthy mind"

Learn Yoga asana and Pranayam Step by Step,
interactive from Basic to Intensive,
Practice Yoga asana and pranyama be Prevented.

About Yoga
"Yoga has a scientific reasoning behind
every asana and breathing exercise"


Yoga improves the concentration increase alertness and boost memory.

  • Yoga for children
  • Yoga can mould their future in better shape. Yoga for children is a natural way to exercise, relax, focus, and strengthen the 
    body / mind / spirit connection.

We might already have an idea of what Yoga is but to understand it better,

French Metal Stool
French Metal Stool
French Metal Stool
French Metal Stool
The Personalized Intensive Yoga For People of all ages